Below is a media statement Squeaky Wheel assisted our client Barge Co draft and distribute in response to an article that appeared in The West Australian newspaper on Monday 20 November:

Response to article “Swan River party boat plans anger residents” in The West Australian Newspaper

The proponent of what will be the world’s largest floating entertainment venue, Barge Co, has supported calls to reject approvals for rowdy “party vessels” to operate on the Swan River near South Perth.

An article published in today’s The West Australian newspaper suggests Mr Peter Carter from The South Perth Foreshore Group has been “angered” by plans for “floating party vessels”.

Barge Co Managing Director Guy Mouritz welcomed the article and agreed with Mr Carter that small party vessels are unlikely to add anything useful to the Western Australian hospitality and tourism industry.

“We have had issues ourselves with small “party” vessels already operating in the Swan River,” Mr Mourtiz said.

“They are out there every weekend in summer playing loud music, over-supplying alcohol and often encouraging lewd and indecent behaviour.”

“Barge Co has never heard from Mr Carter or his lobby group, but I have to say we support his call to ban ‘party vessels’ on the Swan.”

“For clarity, the Barge Co proposal will not be a small ‘party vessel’, rather a world-first entertainment venue.”

“We will not be hosting drunken ‘buck’s nights’ and strip shows like other vessels currently do, nor will alcohol be the primary focus of our venue.”

“Furthermore, the Barge Co venue will have the ability to move completely out of the river to industrial areas on the ocean for certain events, unlike the alternative party barge proposal which would be a permanent fixture in Perth.”

“The Barge Co venue has already received letters of support from various members of WA’s growing Arts sector, including theatre groups and the symphony orchestra as well as interest from corporate event managers and tourism providers.”

“It is also wonderful to see the new government making statements like those published this morning from Tourism Minister Paul Papalia talking about cutting red tape to ‘boost the vibrancy of Perth and the rest of the State to enable the tourism sector to realise its potential’.”

“Our vision is to create a well-managed, uniquely West Australian eco-tourism venue that is also available for events that showcase our amazing environment while providing discerning patrons with the incredible outlook that only a small section of our community can afford from their living rooms.”

“We acknowledge the fear that some South Perth residents might have about any impact on their amenity and assure Mr Carter and his group that the Barge Co proposal should be the least of their concerns.”

“Barge Co is very hopeful that Minister Dawson will provide conditional approval very soon that will allow us to address any outstanding issues and prove our value to local manufacturing, jobs, hospitality and tourism without unduly impacting on the residents of South Perth starting next summer,” Mr Mouritz concluded.

PLEASE NOTE: The comments attributed to Minister Papalia were cited in another article that was published by The West Australian newspaper today titled: “Booze red tape to go”.

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