Below is a media statement published today on behalf of our client Barge Co:

World’s largest floating entertainment venue another step closer for WA

The Department of Local Government, Sport and Cultural Industries has conditionally approved a liquor licence for the world’s largest floating entertainment venue which hopes to be operational in Western Australia by summer 2018.

In making his decision, the Director of Liquor Licensing addressed all concerns raised and commended Barge Co for being “very proactive in its proposed trading conditions” and its high safety standards in the public interest.

In his final determination, the Director stated that, “there are several clear public interest matters associated with the granting of this application. First, the proposed premises will offer a distinctive on-water hospitality feature, acknowledged by the Chief Executive Officer of the Tourism Council Western Australia as a unique proposal that ‘will provide a new tourism attraction for the Perth CBD’.”

Barge Co Managing Director, Guy Mouritz said while there is still a lot of red and green tape to navigate, he is delighted that this department has seen the overall value of the proposal and worked with the company to agree on reasonable conditions to minimise any potential harm and enable WA to offer the world-first project.

“We’ve poured our heart and soul into this unique project for years to elevate WA’s tourism potential on the world stage and frankly, it’s been a challenge,” Mr Mourtiz said.

“My family has a long and proud history of developing domestic and international tourism markets based around the responsible management of WA’s amazing natural beauty and thought we would have strong government support to build the world’s largest floating entertainment venue in WA to showcase our awesome natural waterways.”

“I believe that because of the McGowan government’s push for innovation in the tourism and hospitality sector, the Director of Liquor Licencing has restored some of our lost faith by being open to negotiating reasonable conditions that both addresses concerns raised and still makes the project commercially viable.”

“While we have a lot to celebrate today, I’m conscious that not all departments have been able to adapt to the new regime of supporting the responsible promotion of our idyllic outdoor lifestyle and pristine environment.”

“As highly experienced, proudly West Australian eco-tourism operators, we hope other decision-makers will embrace the philosophy of the Department of Local Government, Sport and Cultural Industries and work with us to address the fears that stand in the way of innovative projects that showcase our incredible natural wonders to the world,” Mr Mouritz said.

A special note: The efforts and hard work of the team at Hospitality Total Services for believing in the project is noted and deeply appreciated.

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