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You know how the problem affects you. But you might be too close to know what the key issues are, let alone change them.

Squeaky Wheel listens and observes to help you nail the nub of the problem then delivers potent solutions designed to bring your end goal closer.

How we work

Squeaky Wheel provides custom solutions to assist not-for-profit organisations, lobby groups, businesses and high-profile individuals plan and execute strategies for change and growth.

Many of our clients come to us to assist in defining and achieving long-term business development goals, some engage us to help overcome specific short-term challenges and others seek our help to manage and/or modify spontaneous, unplanned change imposed on them by external stakeholders and regulators.

Our Services

When you have big goals and complex challenges, there really is no such thing as an “off-the-shelf” solution. That is why the first service all new clients receive from Squeaky Wheel is our commitment to help you not only clear the roadblocks in front of you, but also identify and move closer where you ultimately want to be.

Some of the specific services we provide as part of the custom solutions we create include:

Advocacy and Persuasion

Intelligent Marketing

Freedom of Information

Policy and Governance

Relationship Management

Digital Signage

Content Marketing

Media Releases

Strategic Websites

Social Media

Crisis Management

Systems Integration

Our clients

Over the years, we have worked proudly with a wide variety of clients ranging from charity organisations, non-profit industry peak bodies, small and medium sized businesses through to entrepreneurs and high-profile individuals.

The only really common feature is that they have all needed the services of flexible partner who could help them identify and overcome a sizeable challenge or design and implement a strategic plan to achieve a worthy goal.

Some of those we have recently helped include:

Squeaky Wheel isn’t a cookie factory. The services we provide are bespoke solutions, designed to meet specific challenges head on. Talk to us now about a tailored strategy for change.

The Association of Volunteer Bush Fire Brigades WA Inc

As the peak body for Western Australia's network of 26,000+ bush fire brigade volunteers, Squeaky Wheel helps the AVBFB manage many very complex needs.

Some of what we do for the AVBFB:

  • Website development, hosting and maintenance
  • Content creation
  • Social media management
  • Drafting submissions
  • Drafting correspondence
  • Media releases
  • Reputation management

The Liquor Stores Association of WA Inc

Squeaky Wheel delivers strategic planning, public relations and technology integration services to help the LSAWA manage the varied reputational and stakeholder management needs inherent in representing more than 80% of the State's liquor stores.


  • Strategic planning
  • Media releases
  • Social media management
  • Freedom of Information
  • Website development
  • Content marketing
  • Submissions to inquiries
  • Technology integration

Revive Health and Happiness psychology and wellness clinic

Squeaky Wheel worked with the Revive team to launch their new psychology and wellness clinic in April 2017 and now provides strategic business development, branding and marketing services.


  • Website design and development
  • Technology integration
  • Social media management
  • Strategic business planning
  • Digital signage

Cleanflow Environmental Solutions

Cleanflow Environmental Solutions specialises in inspecting, maintaining and repairing conduits using state of the art no-dig technology, thus minimising the amount of disruption to the environment and surrounding area.


  • Strategic planning
  • Government relations
  • Advocacy and persuasion
  • Crisis Management planning
  • Brand awareness activities
  • Reputation management

Latest news and articles

November 2017

Revive: Is Yoga for me?

November 17th, 2017|Latest Articles|

The Squeaky Wheel crew aren't much into yoga, but we are definitely into helping our clients design and build their brand. We are very proud to be working with Revive Health and Happiness psychology and wellness clinic in East Perth and share some content we [...]

AVBFB: Mt Helena Volunteer Bushfire Brigade puts the “spotlight” on preparedness

November 17th, 2017|Clients|

Here's a link to a wonderful story Squeaky Wheel helped the Association of Volunteer Bush Fire Brigades tell this week, drawing out some key strategic points while highlighting the invaluable work that so many of their member brigades routinely do. http://avbfb.org.au/mt-helena-vbfb-puts-the-spotlight-on-preparedness/

Barge Co: World’s largest floating entertainment venue another step closer for WA

November 1st, 2017|Clients|

Below is a media statement published today on behalf of our client Barge Co: World’s largest floating entertainment venue another step closer for WA The Department of Local Government, Sport and Cultural Industries has conditionally approved a liquor licence for the world’s largest floating entertainment [...]

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